Focus Sessions

HYPO2’s Focus Sessions are a mental performance training series that teach perspectives and practices to help athletes access their best within training, racing and recovery. Sessions include mental performance tips, illustrative stories, the science of performance psychology, and applicable strategies for performance optimization. Strategies include running-specific meditations, visualizations and more. These are the same sessions that are conducted in person with NAU Track and Field, and Northern Arizona Elite on a weekly basis

Focus sessions are approximately 20 minutes in length, with additional time for questions at the end. Please note that each session is a lesson in and of itself (i.e., this is not a course that builds upon content from session to session). Therefore, athletes can view the sessions in any order and gain full benefit of the session regardless of whether or not they have attended prior sessions.

Weekly focus sessions will be conducted live, over Zoom, from 6:00- approximately 6:30pm MST (Arizona). All sessions will be recorded and provided to all registrants to enable viewing at an alternate time.

Two registration options:

  • 20 weeks (January 18th – May 31st, 2022)
  • 10 weeks (January 18th – March 22nd, 2022)

Mental Training for Runners

Our new Mental Training sessions for runners are designed to take the performance psychology skills honed over many years by our work with elite runners (the Northern Arizona University cross country team, the professional HOKA NAZ Elite team and many more) and apply them in an online workshop setting for younger athletes. Through the workshop, young runners will be coached on tactical, tangible, and pragmatic solutions to build performance habits on six levels, including strategies to manage nerves, stress, fear and exertion pain; methods to cultivate confidence and belief; resilience in the face of adversity, and much more.

Mental Performance Intensives

One of HYPO2’s ongoing passions is seeing how it can take what it knows from working with world-class athletes and apply that experience and expertise to people outside the world of elite sport. HYPO2’s Mental Performance Intensive (MPI) programs are designed to apply the performance psychology skills used by people operating in the pressure cooker of high-level sport to people working in other types of professions. Participants will learn the invaluable performance strategies of top-caliber athletes, be equipped with the critical tools necessary to apply those strategies, and have the chance to fine-tune them in an environment overseen by specialists experienced at working with high performers at the uppermost tiers of sport.

The mental performance work that HYPO2 has done with our athletes over the course of the last few years has truly been a game-changer. I would wholeheartedly recommend it for any coaches and athletes looking to maximize their team’s potential.

~ Michael Smith, Director of Track & Field, Northern Arizona University ~