Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

At HYPO2 we believe in treating the joints and the soft tissue with functional tissue release. We combine cutting edge myofascial therapies with skilled chiropractic manipulation to provide comprehensive, functional care for fast results. Rather than several visits a week drawn out for months, we believe in an accelerated treatment program that keeps athletes in the game with maximizing injury prevention and keeping your training at the highest level.

Sport Massage

Sport massage therapists working with HYPO2 on an individualized basis, can treat athletes of all kinds, from athletes seeking a world record to athletes looking for a PR and everything in between. Our licensed and highly-trained therapists, all of which have worked on some of the best athletes in the world, have a variety of techniques that can be used to decrease muscle pain, soreness, increase flexibility and range of motion, recover and prevent injury, increase training capacity and intensity, leading to optimal performance.

Blood Testing

Accurate, objective assessment plays a tremendous role in optimizing athlete performance, and longitudinal laboratory testing in athletes produces invaluable information on the athlete’s health and fitness status. Use of blood testing, including highly-specialized tests like Total Hemoglobin Mass Testing, can assess the blood chemistry changes as a result of altitude training, help to reduce the number of training days lost due to illnesses, identify key markers that signal overtraining that could lead to fatigue and much, much more.

Physiological Testing

HYPO2’s sport physiologist specializes in testing endurance athletes and providing accurate data to create training plans and race strategies to the specific needs of you as an athlete. A wide range of physiological testing is available for athletes looking to hone in on their physiological strengths and weaknesses, and intelligently inform their overall training for best human performance results. All tests make use of the most state-of-the-art equipment available like the Velotron Cycle Ergometer and Parvomedic Metabolic Cart.

Mental Performance

An athlete’s mindset plays an undeniable role in the attainment of desired performance. This often neglected aspect of fitness is integral to the realization of ultimate potential. HYPO2’s performance psychologist integrates established sport psychology methods with the most cutting-edge research in “Achievement Psychology.” HYPO2’s specialist offers highly individualized one-on-one sessions and programs, psychometric assessments, and engaging workshops applicable to any level athlete or professional in all performance domains.

Sleep Monitoring

Sleep is a critical part of an athlete’s training, and is the time when many of the physiological adaptations to the stimulus of training take place. HYPO2, through a partnership with FullPower AI, can provide state-of-the-art contactless biosensors which return highly accurate sleep data that is clinically validated through polysomnography (unlike many common consumer wearables). More so, HYPO2 can provide the expertise to properly analyze and interpret the sleep date so that athletes can make the necessary adjustments to realize significant benefits in performance

At first, we had no athletes who could make the Japanese Olympic team, but now our team does have such athletes due to our altitude training camps with HYPO2. I hope that we can continue to have these camps and work with HYPO2 for many years to come. We appreciate all that HYPO2 has done for us and offer our thanks for the kindness and service!

~ Kiyoji Hayashi, Head Coach, Daihatsu Track & Field Club ~