Through HYPO2’s partnership with Northern Arizona University, HYPO2 places teams in the new 10-lane, 50m pool on the NAU campus. HYPO2 has historically and consistently hosted the best swim teams in the world and HYPO2 altitude camps in Flagstaff have churned out more international Olympians than any other like training site in the world.


Flagstaff, Arizona is home to a total of four 400m outdoor tracks, making it one of the most unique altitude training locales in the world and Hypo2’s top pick for runners interested in training at altitude.

The most heavily utilized tracks that HYPO2 provides access to include an 8 lane, 400m, all-weather outdoor track encircling an NCAA-regulation size soccer (football) pitch and a 6-lane, 300m mondo-surface indoor track, located inside the Walkup Skydome so runners can train during winter months as well.


Some of HYPO2’s most high-profile clients (Australian Rules Football teams like the Carlton Blues, as well as 2014 Australian National Rugby League Premiers, the South Sydney Rabbitohs), make extensive use of altitude-based training fields utilized through HYPO2’s partnership with Northern Arizona University.

There are a number of field options available, well-suited for a variety of field sports, which include an outdoor field complex featuring 2 artificial turf fields, an outdoor field complex featuring 2 natural grass fields and an indoor field of artificial grass.


Whether athletes need more traditional strength and conditioning facilities to complement their sport-specific altitude training, or more highly-specialized facilities suitable for more explosive lifts like those in Olympic weightlifting, HYPO2 has phenomenal options, both on campus and off (including HYPO2’s own S&C facility).


Through partnerships with both Northern Arizona University and Flagstaff Medical Center, HYPO2 can also provide access to AlterG treadmills, invaluable training tools for elite athletes which can “unweight” an athlete by as much as 80% (adjustable in 1% increments) of his/her body weight. This significantly and precisely reduces ground reaction forces, allowing for increases in training volume with less impact, and promoting efficient return to play for athletes coming back from injury.


Athletic training areas are available as well through HYPO2’s partnership with Northern Arizona University which house recovery/regeneration options (electrical stim, ultrasound, contrast baths, etc.). Access to all of these can easily be arranged and cost is negotiable based on needs and numbers of athletes.