Shannon Thompson,

Vocational Counselor

Shannon’s athletic background began in the equestrian sport of Three Day Eventing. She competed nationally and internationally successfully for more than 20 years and also coached riders of all ages and levels during this time. More recently, Shannon has been focused on her passion for running, racing competitively in distances from the 800m to ultra trail events and almost everything in between. As an athlete and a coach, Shannon has always been fascinated by the psychology of well-being and achievement. Her interest regarding the power of the mind to impact an athlete’s performance and overall experience drove Shannon to complete an undergraduate degree in psychology, and then a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Positive psychology is the science of human flourishing and high achievement, and offers a wealth of resources from which Shannon draws to help athletes find the careers and the performance they are seeking while active as athletes, and when they move on from sport.

Shannon’s vocational consulting out of HYPO2 is offered to a wide range of clients, including elite, professional endurance athletes from around the world, and the Division I teams at Northern Arizona University. Her approach is science based, philosophical, and spiritual. She draws upon empirical research and the literary arts to help each individual find their professional path and perform at his or her best consistently.

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