Running is a relatively simple activity that can build a tremendous amount of fitness. Whether your goal is weight loss and general fitness or racing and performance, running can deliver the goods. But although you are fundamentally built to run, you may not necessarily understand how to get the most bang for your buck and a running coach can more specifically guide you along the way. In particular:

  • A coach can help you identify, refine and meet your goals. A coach can help you figure out where you are starting from, where you want to go and how to best get there. Even Olympic-level athletes need guidance on how to objectively meet goals. This process should be monitored and measurable and sometimes the biggest encouragement in difficult tasks is seeing measurable progress. A coach can provide you with a framework to do this.
  • A coach can keep you accountable. Sometimes training and gaining fitness is just not easy. Consistency is the key to making progress in any realm of life and a coach can give you structures for steady progress and keep you accountable.
  • A coach can also give guidance on how to best fuel your body with proper nutrition so that your body can continue to make consistent progress. Training hard is only part of the equation. Proper nutrition upholds a good workout program. You cannot have one without the other and a good coach knows how to incorporate this knowledge into a an effective overall training plan.
  • A coach can help keep you from becoming sidelined by injuries, one of the biggest roadblocks to fitness goals. A coach can give you tools to help avoid injuries, including how to properly cycle working hard with recovery/resting, deciding how much volume and intensity is appropriate, how to warm up and cool, stretching, injury prevention, recovery techniques as well as guidance on what to do if an injury does occur.
  • Most importantly, a coach can be your biggest fan and cheerleader as you work towards fitness goals that may seem intimidating or out of reach!

Alicia Shay is a two-time NCAA 10,000 meter champion, Olympic Trials 5th place finisher, 20k National Champion, and NCAA 10,000 meter record holder while studying Human Biology at Stanford University. Alicia currently lives in Flagstaff while continuing competitive running and racing for Nike, working for Hypo2 High Performance Sport Center and running as a member of Team Run Flagstaff Pro.

For more information or questions you can contact Alicia Shay at: or www. shay/


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