Small Group Performance Training

REAL results from REAL experts.

The primary goal of our group training programming is to take what we know through our work with world-class athletes, and provide the same kind of smart, specific, and structured training they use to help YOUR performance, no matter what that word means to you.

So what’s YOUR gold?

As a former serious female athlete, I began to believe I would never be able to recapture the joy of being pushed to be my best and being part of a successful team again. I'm finding that again at Hypo2. The Hypo2 team has used the latest and most progressive tools, exercises, and techniques to make me stronger physically, mentally and emotionally than I was at my `peak,` and I'm now 25 pounds lighter than when I started! The high performance, but laid back and fun, environment Hypo2 provides is perfect for me. I think everyone wants to find their right `tribe` and Hypo2 is a tribe I'm proud to be part of.
Tanja DillFormer Division I Swimmer

Group Training:

  • Elite-level strength and conditioning programs
  • Motivating group setting
  • Small class sizes – maximum of four people per single session
  • Emphasis on mastery of functional movement
  • Affordable monthly pricing
Interested in an even more individualized approach?

1-on-1 Training:

  • Thorough, individualized assessment
  • Customized program design
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Each session focuses entirely on your training goals
Reach out to us for information on our 1-on-1 Training!
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Your Game is Our Game.