What is the MPI?

HYPO2’s Mental Performance Intensive (MPI) program is designed to apply the performance psychology skills used by elite athletes to business professionals, bridging the gap between visions of success and the realization of them. Participants will learn the invaluable performance strategies of world-class athletes, uncover their authentic strengths, and design a future in which they are aligned. All participants will be equipped with the critical tools necessary to meet the demands of high performance, and learn how to apply them in an environment overseen by performance specialists experienced at working with athletes at the uppermost tier of elite sport.

The 100% Zoom-based MPI will enable participants to return to their own performance environment (whatever that environment may be) with greater clarity regarding the actions to take and the inner resources to draw upon in order to attain their own personal vision of excellence. They will go forward not only with enhanced belief in the attainability of their goals, but in their own competence as to how they can bring them to fruition.

For Teams

We believe that any organism or organization achieves success because of the alignment of each component of the whole. Athletes reach gold when their bodies and minds are running optimally, harmoniously, and in pursuit of the same mission. Likewise, businesses that reach the pinnacle of their success will have cohesion between all members of the company from the bottom up. Every structure that lasts must have a strong foundation comprised of its individual, constituent components. HYPO2’s MPI program supports each individual of your team, drawing out what is necessary for them to perform at their best, and elevating your entire company to new heights in the bargain.

For Individuals

To be considered excellent in any field means that one is able to draw on one’s highest strengths consistently, during both day-to-day tasks and high stakes moments. Following the same system that we use with elite athletes, we begin by identifying personal strengths, clarifying vision, and highlighting potential adversity. We then teach the skills that empower athletes to overcome adversity and develop greater consistency and confidence. The hallmark of HYPO2’s MPI program is its focus on belief, a quality that fuels achievement like no other. We will comprehensively explain the belief-commitment cycle and provide resources to enable individuals to grow their beliefs to new levels.

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