Brannon Harbur

Chief Experience Officer, Mental Performance Intensives

Growing up in a small town in Colorado, Brannon loved skiing, tubing the river, and especially music and the arts. Even as a kid the entrepreneurial spirit ran deep. He ran his own lawn care business, had plans of owning a restaurant, and generally dreamed of building something people would love. After moving from home he then attended college in Flagstaff, Arizona to major in accounting.

After his second year, he and two friends started a mobile coffee business called The Rollin’ Roast Coffee Company out of a 1960 Volkswagen modified flatbed pickup. For six months they rolled around Flagstaff, brewing and selling what many considered to be some of the best coffee in Arizona. They ended up selling the truck and Brannon transitioned to finishing his degree. While putting himself through college, Brannon worked extensively in hospitality, learning the art of curating the perfect experience and earning him numerous leadership positions training others.

During his last year of college, Brannon met his partner, a top-ranked professional marathon runner. As their worlds of business and elite athletics joined, Brannon became fascinated by how to take the principles of elite athletes into professional business settings, and this led to HYPO2. Bringing his talent for cultivating guest experiences, Brannon has played a pivotal role in the development of the program designed specifically to take what HYPO2 knows about mental performance in the world of sport and apply it successfully to business professionals.