Shoulder & Upper Back Pain

By Monica Coplea LMT, KMI, CPT In the 17 years I’ve been in massage practice, the most common problem area people come to see me about is for their upper back.  Most Americans spend endless hours in front of a computer so it is no wonder this is such a common complaint.  I will try…
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The Other Core

by Dr. Wes Gregg There is plenty of hype and attention surrounding core stability, but many forget about the feet, which provide explosive power to your whole body.  Chances are you stay active to condition your heart, stretch to remain flexible, and lift to remain strong; but odds are you’re ignoring your feet and ankles.…
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Why the Rings Matter

by Sean Anthony Flagstaff has a long, long history as an altitude training site and that history has included, as many know, being home to an officially designated U.S. Olympic Training Site (USOTS) based at Northern Arizona University. Although we at Hypo2 have done much of what we set out to do after the closure…
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Massage two times a week?

By Bradley Tremper BS, LMT When spring rolls around, Flagstaff fills with elite runners, and there is not a single gap in my schedule. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many athletes two times a week and sometimes up to three. Many people are shocked when they hear how frequent these…
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Altitude, Sweat & Hydration

By Jason Tullous Training at altitude has many advantages, and there are key aspects to your training that you must pay close attention to as you acclimate in order to make the most of those advantages.  One of these aspects is hydration. High altitude environments typically center around very arid climates. As human beings, every…
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5 Reasons I Enjoy Working with Athletes

by Brandie Tremper, Licensed Massage Therapist During my career as a massage therapist at Hypo2’s High Performance Sport Center, I’ve massaged countless runners, swimmers, rugby players, cyclists, yogis, weight lifters, rock climbers and race walkers. Athletes of all ages and all levels of performance come to Hypo2 for treatments, and all share their passion for…
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