Association of Sports

Performance Centres

After the success of the 1st Forum on Elite Sport in 1999 in Sydney and the 2nd Forum in Barcelona on 2001, it was clear to elite sport industry insiders that there needed to be a common place for the people and the organizations that work in the elite sports field to exchange experiences and information.

These gatherings served as the basis for the creation of an International Association of High Performance Sports Training Centres to discuss ways to better prepare our athletes through exchange opportunities and a sharing of ideas and knowledge under a fair play philosophy.


ASPC Mission: to be to provide opportunities that enhance training for high performance sport worldwide.

ASPC Vision: ASPC is an active partner with development and leadership of sport training centres, setting the standard in the global high performance training site community.

HYPO2 was accepted as a member of the ASPC in 2015 (the only entity in the United States to have membership other than the U.S. Olympic Training Center) and remains an important part of the collective worldwide effort to enhance training opportunities for elite athletes.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the countless things you do to ensure that we have optimal chances for success and happiness at these camps. Hypo2 and Flagstaff are pivotal elements to my journey as an elite athlete.

~ Kate van Buskirk, Athletics Canada ~