HYPO2 is internationally-renowned for bringing the world’s very best athletes and teams to Flagstaff Arizona for altitude training.

Why Flagstaff? It has everything visiting teams need for easy, successful, and enjoyable altitude training camps:

  • Perfect elevation (7000ft / 2100m) for gaining the physiological benefits of altitude training
  • High quality, sport-specific training venues
  • World-class high performance-related support services
  • A location famed for natural beauty, from the world-renowned Grand Canyon to the red rocks of Sedona
  • A sport management organization whose mission is centered around training site management for elite sport

Why HYPO2? HYPO2 is a world-renowned sport management organization with a proven track record of training site management for elite sport. HYPO2 is the only entity in the entire United States outside the U.S. Olympic Committee’s training centers, to be a member organization of the international Association of Sports Performance Centres.

Involving thousands of elite athletes from a multitude of national sport organizations who’ve gone on to gold medals, world records, and national teams, HYPO2’s centrally-managed altitude training camps set the standard by which all other training camps are measured.



Hypo2 offers world-class sport ``concierge`` services and understands what is necessary to create and manage successful training environments for serious athletes. Our expertise is in seamlessly coordinating and integrating needed components into an overall training site / training camp plan.
Whatever the need, and whenever and wherever it’s needed, Hypo2‘s clients always know they will have the resources necessary to support their efforts – at the highest possible level.



Whether you need a high quality pool, track, or field, there is nothing more fundamental to great training camps than great training facilities, and Hypo2 is proud to work with Northern Arizona University to provide sport-specific, dedicated access to high quality training venues on a preferred basis. Additional facilities are also available adjacent to the High Performance Sport Center itself.



At the Hypo2 High Performance Sport Center, our physiotherapists believe in treating the joints and the soft tissue with functional tissue release. We combine cutting edge myofascial therapies with skilled chiropractic manipulation to provide comprehensive, functional care for fast results. Rather than several visits a week drawn out for months, we believe in an accelerated treatment program that gets athletes back in the game with little or no time out on the bench.



Discounted accommodations are provided in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of Hypo2 clients, whether that be partner hotel properties, short-term condos, or dormitories. The specific accommodations are chosen based on specific needs, composition of group, and necessity for proximity to primary training venue and amenities.

All athletes and support staff are provided with individual cards for use at the various NAU cafeterias. All meals are served buffet-style and are thus all-you-can-eat for one flat price. Our special dining cards only accrue charges when the cards are actually used, giving teams maximum flexibility with this component. For teams requiring attendance to more specific nutritional needs, Hypo2 can help design meal plans and arrange catered meals for all clients.



Sport massage therapists working out of the High Performance Sport Center gear sessions on an individualized basis, and can treat athletes of all kinds, from world-class athletes to weekend warriors and everything in between. Our licensed and highly-trained therapists, all of which have worked on some of the finest athletes in the world, have a variety of techniques that can be used to decrease muscle pain and soreness, promote flexibility, recover more quickly from injury or rigorous training sessions, help prevent injuries, and lead overall to more optimal performance.



Charter transportation is arranged for all athletes for service from nearby regional airports directly to the team's accommodations in Flagstaff. Hypo2 can also rent vehicles at a discount for the team for day trips (to the Grand Canyon, etc.) and/or for transporting necessary equipment back and forth from training venues.



Accurate, objective assessment plays a tremendous role in optimizing athlete performance. Longitudinal laboratory testing in athletes produces valuable information on the athlete’s health and fitness, allowing early recognition of subject-specific changes that may underlie clinically meaningful alterations of the athletes’ state of health and performance. Use of biomarkers (blood and saliva) can reduce the number of training days lost due to illnesses, accelerate recovery, and identify key markers that signal overtraining that could lead to fatigue and being out of the game.



Hypo2 athletes may see doctors at our partner medical facilities for fast-tracked (same day) consults, digital x-rays, etc. at minimal or no cost, whether for primary care (for example, a common cold) or sports medicine care (for example, a shoulder injury). Follow-up visits vary according to a prescribed course of treatment.



Hypo2’s sport physiology team specializes in testing endurance athletes and providing accurate data to create training plans and race strategies. Our performance testing specialists oversee a wide range of physiological testing available for athletes looking to hone in on their physiological strengths and weaknesses, and intelligently inform their overall training. And our access to cutting-edge methodologies for testing (such as hemoglobin mass testing using carbon monoxide rebreathing) means athletes are always getting the most sophisticated approaches in the world today.



Our mental performance specialists integrate established sports psychology methods with the most cutting-edge research in achievement psychology. They offer highly individualized one-on-one sessions and programs, psychometric assessments, and relevant and engaging workshops. Their work is applicable to any level of achiever in all performance domains.