HYPO2 is a High Performance Management Organization centered around a world-renowned altitude training program and a collaboration of best-in-class performance training and wellness professionals. Our team is entirely focused on improving human performance through the use of cutting-edge training and testing techniques related to all areas of sport performance and individual wellness. At HYPO2, clients of all types have access to the tools they most need to improve and perform to their fullest individual potential.
Although HYPO2 is best known for working with many of the world’s top athletes as they pursue Olympic gold and glory, our team is also proud to work with people of all levels and abilities, all across what we call the “human performance spectrum.” Our performance training programs are uniquely designed to take what we know from our many years of helping elite athletes and translate that into helping anyone who is serious about his or her fitness, wellness and athleticism. “High performance” means far more to most people than training to cross the finish line first and in the fastest time ever. It’s about helping people attain their own best version of themselves, remain injury free, and improve their overall quality of life.