A New Focus on Injuries – Dr. Wes Gregg

Recently there has been a major shift in the public perception of sports injuries and safe participation in sport for young athletes. Football has seen the dramatic impact concussions have on players from the youth to professional level. Little league coaches and players have seen dramatic increases in the number of elbow surgeries along with the rise of ACL injuries in soccer and basketball. Fans, parents, coaches and players are increasingly aware of the potential for serious, even life-threatening, injuries from both contact and non-contact sports.

As Chiropractors and Physiotherapists at Hypo2, we see a wide variety of participants in sport, from local youth athletes competing in their first season to World Champions and Olympic medalists. Although time lost due to injury can cause significant financial loss for athletes at the higher levels, injuries can impose substantial physical and mental burdens for all athletes, regardless of age and level of play. Surgery to repair ACL injuries can cost between $10,000 to $17,000 dollars and does not include non-monetary costs like scholarships lost because of injury. And injuries can often engender feelings of isolation, lack of motivation, anger, changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, and more.

Conventional screening for youth participation in sports involves a health history and exam checking vital signs, cardiovascular function, eyes, ears, nose and throat along with a general musculoskeletal exam. Although this is certainly necessary, another modest investment in protecting you or your child’s health would be a preventative biomechanical exam to identify the likelihood of potential injures before they occur. Sport-specific movement evaluations are used to identify an individual’s area of weakness, asymmetries and/or functional limitations to reduce the risk of a future event.

The analysis of basic, sport-specific movements should be incorporated into pre-participation for ALL athletes in order to determine who possesses the ability to safely perform certain movements essential to that sport. Our goal at Hypo2 is to be the fastest return-to-play providers in Flagstaff and help the community decrease injuries, enhance performance, and improve quality of life through proper movement. Stay tuned for more information on clinics we will be holding this year designed for sports injury prevention and performance enhancement or stop in the office to learn more.

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