by Jeff Schmelzle
HYPO2 Lead Performance Coach

As you are probably aware at this point, deadlifting in various forms is a regular part of our strength training programs at HYPO2. When the word deadlift is mentioned, for many people their first thought is of hulk-like guy with veins bulging from his neck lifting the equivalent weight of a small family off the ground. Unless that’s your goal, at HYPO2 we see it differently! Here are 5 important reasons to make the deadlift, in some form, a regular part of your training program:

1. Deadlifting is a hip-hinge movement. The hip-hinge is an important movement for teaching you how to properly maintain a lengthened, neutral spine while bending from the hips. A proper hip-hinge protects the lumbar spine by shifting the load to the stronger muscles of the glutes and the hamstrings.

2. The deadlift is a posterior-chain exercise. This means that it primarily targets the back of the body: glutes, hamstrings, paraspinals, traps, lats, and others! As our lives become increasingly sedentary, training the posterior chain musculature is critical for maintaining the strength and muscle tone necessary for upright, healthy posture. Additionally, a strong posterior chain is necessary for jumping, sprinting, and producing power.

3. The deadlift is a big-bang exercise! In a heavy deadlift, almost every muscle in the body is maximally contracted to maintain the appropriate level tension required to move the weight. That means that this one exercise can be used to build both strength and endurance and can help to create a huge caloric deficit for those seeking to improve body composition.

4. Deadlifts can help train a strong core! The ability to hold the spine in neutral while lifting a heavy load requires significant core strength. A strong core that can protect the spine under load is a functional core!

5. A strong deadlift builds confidence and resiliency. Training the deadlift teaches you how to safely and effectively lift heavy loads off the ground. Outside of the gym, this can be extremely liberating! How often do you find yourself having to pick things up off the ground? Imagine the freedom of knowing that your body is strong enough to pick up your kids, shovel the snow, or move furniture without the risk of injury!